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Awesome Coffee Table Book

5 Nov

This is a nice follow up to my Infographic post from a few days ago. Listomania is basically coolinfographics.com in book form.

Organized into eight chapters, Listomania covers questions of human behavior, trivia facts about geography (past and present), etymology, mythology, ancient and recent history, as well as pop culture. Some of the lists included are:

• 10 Tiny Terrors: a list of the ten most petite world leaders (yes, some were shorter than Napoleon!)

• 43 Famous People Who Were Adopted (e.g. Steve Jobs, Debbie Harry, Mark Twain, Alexander the Great)

• 15 Movies Featuring Giant Rabbits

• 10 Top Cheese Eating Countries( note correspondence to the top ten happiest countries)

• 8 Dastardly Ponzi Schemes

• 38 Ancient Cities (That People Still Live In)

• 28 Prehistoric Creatures Named for Famous People or Cool Things (e.g. Dracorex Hogwartsia, Attenborosaurus, and Psephorus Terrypratchetti)

Illustrated in full color with playful images, graphs, charts, captions, and photographs, this colorful book brings a new face to trivia and is sure to wow readers, surprise them, and make them laugh from cover to cover. Listomania functions as a practical information resource as well as a fun and quirky gift for readers of any age.

Yep, my coffee table needs this asap.

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