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What is Love?

9 Nov

Soooo my blood was a boilin at work today, and Pandora decided to play this little ditty to brighten my day. I love Pandora sometimes 🙂


Song Stuck in My Head: Work Out

8 Nov

Sooooo the cooking post is taking longer than expected to put together, so I have to throw in a couple quicky posts for you!

I can’t explain why I love this song. Maybe it’s the Paula Abdul sampling?

I like it! Definitely need to add it to my “work out” mix. Get it? See what I did there?

Song Stuck In My Head: Paradise

4 Nov

I’ve been a Coldplay fan forever. I wasn’t really digging the first single off their new album, Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall, and was concerned that maybe their last album, Viva La Vida, would mark the end of my Coldplay fandom. But then I heard the sweet sounds of Paradise:


Ah I’m in love again! Just for giggles I’m also posting my fav Coldplay song ever too:


Anybody seen them live? I think they may have to go on my concert to-do list!

Beat Boxing Cellist

21 Apr

This just reminds me of how incredibly talentless I am…

Please visit this guy’s YouTube page and watch and listen! It’s amazing stuff!!!

Two Disappointing Songs and One Guilty Pleasure

20 Apr

I just heard Beyonce’s new single that leaked. Yuck. Maybe Single Ladies was her peak? Here are both for you to compare!

Also- and if you know me at all you know how hard this is for me to say, but I do NOT like Gaga’s new single Judas. I’m really nervous for her. I think she’s reached a place where she is more about out-weirding herself and less about making good music. Please hear my plea Ms. Germanotta! I get that you like to ruffle feathers. I get that you love the gays and God. I get that you like to dress like something out of a Lewis Carroll- Dr. Seuss mashup. But all these antics are distracting and getting old. Can you just make great music like I know you can? So here’s Judas for those who haven’t heard it 😦

Lastly- I love Til the World Ends. I know I know… Britney is not what she once was. The drugs and the crazy and the major re-constructive knee surgery have taken a serious and seemingly permanent blow to her performing ability. But HOT DAMN I love this song…

And just for fun and to honor what she once was, here is her best work ever:

Song Stuck in my Head: Ave Maria

22 Feb

This is one of my ultimate feel good songs… no matter what kind of day I’m having, this one always makes me want to get up and dance 🙂

Also- se amo David Bisbal… mmmm mmmm

Gaga 4 Gaga!

11 Feb

Today the new Lady Gaga single “Born This Way” was released on her website. Everyone is going a little crazy (including this girl!). Some radio stations will be playing the song at the top of the hour all weekend long. #Bornthiswayfriday is trending on Twitter. Youtube videos are getting blocked left and right for copyright infringement! (I found one that’s working for now… but who knows for how long)

It’s sure to be a hit. Dancy. Catchy. Awesome lyrics. This woman may be the ultimate Queen of Pop (this from a girl who owns every Britney album and is an avid Madonna fan).

The song was written by Ms. Germanotta herself, and the lyrics are pretty dope (it’s still cool to say that right? No?).  Here they are for your viewing pleasure!

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Song Stuck In My Head: Te Amo

4 Feb

I blame my friend Sarah wholeheartedly for this… I have been playing this song nonstop all week. Warning: the video is pretty racy so if you are young, impressionable, or at work- view with caution!

How Do People Come Up With This Stuff?

3 Feb

What do you get when you combine russian cossack dancers and Run DMC? This:

The internet is an amazing thing… I don’t even know how to categorize this? Music I suppose?

Panic! Reboot is Neither A Sin Nor A Tragedy

3 Feb

The boys that got my teen heart beating faster faster, Panic! at the Disco, are back and sounding pretty awesome. I’ve had a fever that I haven’t been able to sweat out ever since Panic! released Pretty. Odd in 2008 and I well… didn’t enjoy it. They were one of my favorite bands and the stuff they were putting out made me consider martyrdom, nay, suicide. I wanted to eat nails for breakfast, and tacks for snacks. I told myself “This couldn’t be the end of Panic! This couldn’t be all they had to offer! Their first album was soooo good, where did all the sexy lyrics and catchy hooks and choruses go? Listening to Panic used to be the most fun a girl could have without taking her clothes off, and now I just feel like I’m listening to some rehashed Beatles circa Yellow Submarine.”

Anyways, after Pretty. Odd pretty much flopped, half the band split to form the Young Veins and half remained to continue Panicking, but I think at that point everyone considered them done-zo. However, fans beckoned for songs more like what they previously did, written by Brendon Urie (I constantly thank God for Brendon Urie), and boy did they deliver with their new single from the forthcoming album Vices and Virtues. You could write them off as having had their 15 minutes of fame, but it’s better if you do(n’t)… The old Panic is back and I’m loving every second of it. Here is the latest song “The Ballad of Mona Lisa”- now it’s time to dance!

(If this post confuses you or seems random, you’re probably not a Panic fan… To translate, a band from my youth has a comeback album coming out, and I’m excited about it.)

Song (That Might Get) Stuck in My Head: Hold It Against Me

19 Jan

Meh. I’m really not sure how I feel about Brit Brit’s latest “masterpiece”…

I think it sounds a lot like a song that was on one of her previous albums (that wasn’t a single). I think that song was Shattered Glass from Circus, but I’m not sure… anyone else know what I’m talking about?

Apparently this song shot straight up the charts to number one. Ms. Spears, who previously debuted her song “3” in the number one spot, is only the second artist to debut multiple songs in the number one spot (the other artist is the one and only Mariah Carey with One Sweet Day and Honey and Fantasy).

The most recent entry into the Number One Debut club before Britney was, wait for it……

One final interesting fold to the story is that Miss Brit apparently ripped off the song from the Bellamy Brothers, an old school country duo…

Oh dear. Can this women do anything without causing some sort of frenzy? I guess the bright side is that at least she isn’t crazy anymore…

Song Stuck in My Head: Dog Days Are Over

16 Jan

This is the remake by Florence and the Machine… I’m lovin in!

“Run fast for your mother run fast for your father
Run for your children and your sisters and brothers
Leave all your love and your loving behind you
Can’t carry it with you if you want to survive”

Song Stuck in my Head: Armada Latina

8 Jan

Yeah. This is my new jam.

Snow White Remixed

5 Jan

They should go back and do this for every Disney movie. Such a chill urban modern sound. Love it!

And in other Snow White related news, there are currently two live-action remakes in the works, and both of them have Hollywood megastars slated for the evil witch! One has Julia Roberts (meh) and the other has Charlize Theron (yay!!! one of my chick crushes!!!). Snow Whites have yet to be cast, however Natalie Portman is rumored for the Julia Roberts version. I like all of this. Every syllable. Almost as much as I like Charlize in this:

United States of Pop 2010

4 Jan

Remember the 2009 version?

Well here is DJ Earworm’s mega mashup/remix for 2010!!!

Song Stuck in my Head: What’s My Name

30 Dec

I wish I could pull off that hair! And also- Drake and Rihanna are super sexxxy together…

Recap of 2010 Through YouTube

30 Dec

I am so thankful that the world has so many social networks that automatically do end of the year recaps. All I have to do is a little control-c, control-v and bam! we’ve got a blog post!

Anyways- here’s YouTube’s recap video for 2010 featuring the most watched videos of the year.

And here’s the lists (Thanks Mashable!):

Most-watched videos globally, excluding major label music videos:

Most-watched major label music videos:

Blast From the Past: Mandy Moore

30 Dec

Watch this video and revel in all that was late 90’s pop! Look at that Walkman! And “hip” new VW Beetle! And the cool skater/moped guy! (swoon)

So where is this little pop princess now?

She’s a little tangled up doing the whole voicing-animated-characters thing. (Hahaha See what I did there?)

Ja Rule is Going to Ja Jail

29 Dec

Uhhh, silly rappers. You need to learn to hide your guns better not carry weapons illegally! Ja Rule is headed to prison for two years after pleading guilty to driving with a loaded gun after a 2007 concert. This arrest happened on the same night that Lil Wayne was arrested, also on weapons charges.

Well here’s a tribute to the guy with one of the coolest voices ever. We won’t be hearing it for awhile…

Recap of 2010 Through Google

28 Dec

Now that Christmas is over, our attention must quickly turn to New Years celebrations! Now is the time for the obligatory “Best of…” lists and recaps!

Here is a pretty good one, the Google Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist: “the spirit of the times” or “the spirit of the age.” The general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and/or political climate within a nation or even specific groups, along with the general ambiance, morals, sociocultural direction, and mood associated with an era.

I’m really digging the song too! It’s One Republic’s “Good Life”

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