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Someday I Hope My Daughter Is This Awesome

6 Nov

I know Halloween is so yesterday’s news, but I couldn’t resist posting this little cutie. According to her dad, the conversation went like this:

Dad: What do you want to be for Halloween honey?

Most Awesome Daughter Ever: I want to be Darth Vader… but PINK!

One mask, a sewing lesson, and some pink spray paint later….

I give you Princess Vader!!!


Star Wars/ Adidas Mash Up

28 Dec

How have I never seen this before?

The Epic Sequel: C3PO Swimwear!

23 Dec

Awhile back I was ridiculously excited to find an awesome swimsuit inspired by R2D2!

Well now the same company has designed the cute suit’s counterpart, a C3PO version! Thank the maker! Fashionable Nerds Rejoice!!!

I think I like the C3PO version best. Or maybe Artoo? Oh man, it’s like Sophie’s choice…

Star Wars USB Drives

23 Nov

An excellent gift idea for the Star Wars fan in your life.

They have a ton of characters… and clever “reveal” versions. Love it.

Star Wars: Revised with a lot more Jar Jar

10 Nov

While watching Phantom Menace, I’m sure the one thought that kept popping into your head was- why wasn’t there a whole lotta Jar-Jar Binks in all the other movies? No? You hated Jar-Jar? He’s the worst thing about the Star Wars films?

Yeah you’re probably right, but watch this video anyway (if only for the cool Lego animation and Indiana Jones cameos!)

R2D2 Swimwear

26 Oct

Another combination of things I love! Star Wars and fashion!!! Excellent…


Star Wars Obession + Design Obsession = Star Wars Wallpaper

19 Oct

I don’t know that I would ever actually use it, but it still looks cool!!! Here’s more pics on Apartment Therapy

Actually it’s unfortunately custom made 😦 Maybe this is what George Lucas has in his living room! Haha

I Wasn’t Kidding About That Star Wars Obsession

10 Oct

Cute! The whole trilogy in two minutes!!!

Secret Star Wars Nerd

1 Oct

People are often surprised to find out I am a huge Star Wars fan. I guess I just don’t give off that vibe. Despite this, I am still tickled pink when I stumble across some sort of awesome or clever piece of Star Wars paraphernalia (Like this one or this one or this one…). Today I was doubly tickled because I found something that is both Star Wars and design related! Star Wars Art!

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