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Las Vegas: Walking Around in an In Style Magazine

11 Nov

Usually I only see fashion like this in magazines! Love to be up close and personal…













Women Everywhere Rejoice! Chocolate and Fashion Together at Last!

2 Nov

The 17th Annual Salon du Chocolat trade show, Europe’s yearly chocolate trade show took place in Paris October 20-24. The trade show featured over 400 vendors showing off their chocolate sculptures, products, and demonstrations. Attendees could also check out the chocolate bookstore and the Cocoa Show (a production during which cocoa-producing countries present traditional music and dances from Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia and other locales). The best part though? A fashion show where every piece of elaborate and detailed clothing was crafted completely from chocolate!

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I have some questions. Why aren’t these choco-frocks melting? Or cracking? This has got to get pretty messy… On the other hand, if you don’t like your dress you can always melt it down and make a new one. Or have dessert. Your choice really…

A New Chick Crush is Born…

29 Apr

Best of luck to Will and his new Princess…

Something Every Club-Going Girl Needs Immediately

21 Apr

The Racktrap is an undetectable one-size-fits-all personal bra pocket that holds everyday essentials including license, cash and credit cards conveniently in your bra.

I feel like this doesn’t need much more explanation, but just in case, here is the how-to-use guide and video from the Racktrap website:

  1. Locate your breasts . Are you a righty or a lefty? Decide what breast is most easily accessible.
  2. Place your essentials (cash, credit cards, drivers license etc.) in The Racktrap.
  3. Insert The Racktrap in your bra between the cup and your breast (see #1) at the top of your cup.
  4. Make sure the opening of The Racktrap is lined up with the edge of your bra.
  5. Pull your shirt tight to make sure there are no lines.
  6. Use your free hands for good and not evil.
  7. Repeat again tomorrow
Despite the cheesy and blatantly obvious instructions, I would definitely find this handy little pocket useful. Maybe I wouldn’t lose so many things down there (shout out to Sam Klam).

Miranda Kerr Already Modeling

21 Apr

Just three short months after giving birth to her son Flynn (who’s papa is Orlando Bloom by the way…) my favorite Victoria’s Secret model and chick-crush is back in a bikini and looking fly.

Love this Aussie girl!

Shoes as Art

1 Apr

Shoes are obviously beautiful objects, but not everyone considers them works of art. For me, a gorgeous pair of Louboutins is just as beautiful as the Mona Lisa, but for those more skeptical- here is a more literal and sculptural take on artful kicks.

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The crazy thing about these pieces designed by Kobi Levi, a shoe designer based in Israel, is that they are functional. You can actually walk in them if you choose!

Little Golden Book Dress

31 Mar

Everyone remembers having Little Golden Books as a kid right? I know my brother and I had dozens of them! Scuffy the Tugboat, Tootle the Train, and of course the Saggy Baggy Elephant are all classics!

Now Ryan Novelline, a Boston based alchemist, has taken the classic book covers and turned them into a dress! He even incorporated the iconic gold binding to make the dress bodice. The result is beautiful and nostalgic, but what’s really cool to look at is the “making of” pictures on his website! Here’s a small taste, but for the full effect follow the link.

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PINK Makes Brewers Apparel

30 Mar

After much delay, Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line has finally expanded their MLB line to include 12 more teams, including the Brewers!!! Here’s some of the cute gear you can get, but the whole collection can be viewed here.

Designer Hotels

14 Feb

The world of design knows no limits. If you design beautiful clothing, there’s no good reason why you can’t also design a beautiful bedroom. This is the logic some hotels are following when they ask famous fashion designers to design their suites. See the works of Armani, Lacroix, Oscar de la Renta, Versace and Ralph Lauren below!

Oscar de la Renta- Puntacana, Dominican Republic


Donatella Versace- Queensland, Australia


Giorgio Armani- Dubai (This hotel is housed in Burj Khalifa- the tallest building in the world)


Christian Lacroix- Paris


Ralph Lauren- Montego Bay, Jamaica

Gorgeous right? So which designer would you want to design your bedroom?

The Science and Sweat Behind Your Stilletos

4 Feb

This great video put out by J Crew takes you behind the scenes to the Italian factories where their fabulous shoes are handmade by people who have been making shoes for generations. These aren’t just torture devices for your feet… they are the result of a lot of hard work and creativity and of course they are things of beauty!!!

Cupcakes by Chanel

20 Jan

These fashionable cupcakes were designed by a Swedish prop designer and they look absolutely delicious and amazing. I love how they perfectly match the aesthetic of each design house, especially the Louboutins!

High Heeled Nikes

19 Jan

Yes it’s a strange concept, but I think they just look like booties with an athletic twist. Unfortunately (I think?) they are not actually for sale, but I could totally see Rihanna (or my friend Anna) rocking a pair of these…

I Wasn’t Thinking Big Enough

8 Jan

I had a very special request for my grandfather on my 21st birthday. The man is a woodworking genius, and has built several pieces of awesome furniture for our family throughout the years. Two years ago I came to him with a design idea for a shoe rack to display my little babies proudly instead of in a mountain somewhere in my room. The result, and one of my most treasured pieces of furniture, is below:

However, my shoe love is nothing compared to this lady. She used cabinets designed for a dining room, cabinets with glass doors, to display her zapatos! I love my little rack, but someday I may have to upgrade to something similar to this.

The cabinet is from IKEA and for close-ups of some of these FABULOUS shoes (look at all the Louboutins!) here’s her entire blog post. I have a crazy amount of shoe-envy right now!

Personalized Twitter Handle Necklaces

28 Dec

I found these awhile back, but stumbled across them again today. Such a great gift idea for the social media guru in your life!

Star Wars/ Adidas Mash Up

28 Dec

How have I never seen this before?

The Epic Sequel: C3PO Swimwear!

23 Dec

Awhile back I was ridiculously excited to find an awesome swimsuit inspired by R2D2!

Well now the same company has designed the cute suit’s counterpart, a C3PO version! Thank the maker! Fashionable Nerds Rejoice!!!

I think I like the C3PO version best. Or maybe Artoo? Oh man, it’s like Sophie’s choice…

My Grown Up (ish) Christmas List Part 2!

7 Dec

Here’s the continuation of my wishes for the 25th!


A Clay Matthews or Greg Jennings Jersey

I’m due for a new Packer jersey! And I love these two guys… Please just a regular adult small jersey though. Those ones that are “made for women” really should be called “made for women who have the body type of Tom Brady’s wife”.  Not cool.


Wicked by Gregory Maguire

One of my favorite Christmas gifts to ask for ever since I was little is a new book. For some reason I don’t buy books for myself, but I love getting them as gifts! I’ve already read (and seen!) Wicked, but it’s one of those books I could read a million times and I’d just like to own a copy. If you want to throw in the sequel, Son of a Witch, I wouldn’t complain 🙂


Tickets for the Kenny Chesney Concert @ Lambeau

Mmm Mmm Mmm

This show is going to be awesome! And it will be the first concert at the newly renovated Lambeau. Tickets go on sale December 11th for the June 11th show which features Zac Brown Band (whoo hoo!) as the opening act! Uncle Kracker and Billy Currington are also part of the tour.

*BONUS* St. Nicks Stocking Stuffers!

#1 SOCKS– Everyone always needs new socks… Or maybe just I do!#2 COFFEE MUGS– Another thing you can never have too many of!#3 CHOCOLATE– I’m a woman. This should go without saying#4 GIFT CARDS– Most wanted: Forever 21 and IKEA, Most practical: Speedway and Pick’n’Save


An iPad Case

I took care of the expensive part! Now I just need a proper case that also doubles as a stand so that when I watch videos and movies I don’t have to hold the silly thing up or prop it against something.

My Engagement Ring

23 Nov

Isn’t it gorgeous!

Haha psych. It’s actually just a 24.78-carat “fancy intense pink” diamond that just sold for $46 million at a Swiss auction, making it the most expensive jewel ever sold. A girl can dream though right?

R2D2 Swimwear

26 Oct

Another combination of things I love! Star Wars and fashion!!! Excellent…


Potential Birthday Present

25 Oct

A handy contraption for the drunk on the go…yep sounds perfect for me.

Thanks Gawker! It’s even kind of cute!

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