So this needs to be fleshed out, but basically I’m a student at UWM, majoring in journalism but i don’t want to be a journalist. My focus is in advertising and PR, specifically event planning.

I have lots of pets: a kitten, three turtles, and a fish (and three house plants).

I love my friends, the beach, shoes, chocolate, pretty typical girl stuff.

I’m also obsessed with social media, movies, maintaining my itunes library, and HGTV.

So that’s the nuts and bolts for now, more to come I’m sure!!!


One Response to “About”

  1. andro51 November 13, 2010 at 6:38 PM #

    Yes keep on blogging, adding your thoughts on whatever subjects you enjoy the most, keeping up-to-date on those house plants, feeding the kittens, turtles and fish, hitting the beach whenever the mood takes you and eating lots of chocolate, oh and of course take many pleasures from those lengthy shopping extravaganzas too…

    It all sounds rather funtastic doesn’t it? Anyway I was just passing through so… Good luck with your studies and I hope that whatever career you choose is a most successful one…

    Be very well my young friend.

    Androgoth – The Goth Prince

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