Two Disappointing Songs and One Guilty Pleasure

20 Apr

I just heard Beyonce’s new single that leaked. Yuck. Maybe Single Ladies was her peak? Here are both for you to compare!

Also- and if you know me at all you know how hard this is for me to say, but I do NOT like Gaga’s new single Judas. I’m really nervous for her. I think she’s reached a place where she is more about out-weirding herself and less about making good music. Please hear my plea Ms. Germanotta! I get that you like to ruffle feathers. I get that you love the gays and God. I get that you like to dress like something out of a Lewis Carroll- Dr. Seuss mashup. But all these antics are distracting and getting old. Can you just make great music like I know you can? So here’s Judas for those who haven’t heard it šŸ˜¦

Lastly- I love Til the World Ends. I know I know… Britney is not what she once was. The drugs and the crazy and the majorĀ re-constructiveĀ knee surgery have taken a serious and seemingly permanent blow to her performing ability. But HOT DAMN I love this song…

And just for fun and to honor what she once was, here is her best work ever:


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