Things You Should Know Are Happening: Raul Castro

20 Apr

Raul Castro has formally replaced his brother Fidel as Cuba’s President. You should know a little bit about it.


Raul is a little more open to reform and progress than his control freak brother. After he unofficially replaced Fidel in 2006, he stated that it was time for “systematic rejuvenation of the whole chain of party and administrative posts.”

During the first session of the Cuban Congress in 14 years Raul proposed and the congress approved the following:

*Massive layoffs in the public sector and an expansion of the private sector to soak up some of the unemployed.

*Cubans would be able to buy and sell homes and cars for the first time in decades but would see their ration books gradually eliminated.

Hopefully, eventually, maybe relations with the US will be reconsidered as well? Probably not during Raul’s time, but I can’t help but see this as a teeny tiny step in the right direction. It’s possible that the Cubans may take a page out of the middle eastern citizens books and completely overthrow the communist regime. Either way, Cuba is a country to watch.


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