Girl Scout’s Cutting Cookie Lineup (Oh God Please Not the Thin Mints!!!)

4 Feb

Everyone’s pinching pennies nowadays, even the Girl Scouts! Which is why they plan on limiting their cookies sales to the “Super Six” next year. These six cookies represent over 77% of total cookie sales (which brought in $714 million last year) and cutting back the number of varieties in theory would make the sale more profitable, or something. There are currently 12 varieties for sale, which means the little girls in green (and blue and brown) will be cutting your calorie saturated cookie options in half!!! Yikes!!! So which cookies made the cut? Did your favorite get the ax???

Of Note (and something I didn’t really know until this year):

Girl Scout Cookies are regional. Not all varieties are available in all areas. Also, the price per box ranges from  $3.50-$4.00. The MKE falls in the middle at $3.75. You’ll only reach the $4 mark in big cities like New York and LA.  Lastly, depending on where you live your cookies may be called different things (insert soda vs. pop vs. coke analogy!). Would you like a Samoa or a Caramel deLite? Yeah, they’re the same thing….

Here are the Super-Six Super-Safe cookies!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the chopping block are:

Thank You Berry Munch’s (never heard of ’em, but they sound delish!), Lemonades (mildly sad about this one, a very light and tasty cookie), Dulce de Leche’s (another head scratcher, I was unaware of this cookie’s existence), Thanks A Lots AKA All Abouts(terribly disappointed, it’s like a shortbread only better), Shout Outs (new this year and apparently they didn’t catch, they replaced the little Daisy Go Rounds which also apparently didn’t catch), and lastly the sugar-free, diabetic friendly Chocolate Chips (yawn).

I think they kept all the iconic ones, do any of the cuts upset you? Also please share your favorite cookie and cookie rationing/hoarding stories. I have friends who keep Thin Mints in the freezer with the goal being that they last until the next selling season (when in fact they only last a few weeks, maybe a month tops!).

By the way- despite all my Thin Mint talk, Caramel deLites are my favorite 🙂


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