Song (That Might Get) Stuck in My Head: Hold It Against Me

19 Jan

Meh. I’m really not sure how I feel about Brit Brit’s latest “masterpiece”…

I think it sounds a lot like a song that was on one of her previous albums (that wasn’t a single). I think that song was Shattered Glass from Circus, but I’m not sure… anyone else know what I’m talking about?

Apparently this song shot straight up the charts to number one. Ms. Spears, who previously debuted her song “3” in the number one spot, is only the second artist to debut multiple songs in the number one spot (the other artist is the one and only Mariah Carey with One Sweet Day and Honey and Fantasy).

The most recent entry into the Number One Debut club before Britney was, wait for it……

One final interesting fold to the story is that Miss Brit apparently ripped off the song from the Bellamy Brothers, an old school country duo…

Oh dear. Can this women do anything without causing some sort of frenzy? I guess the bright side is that at least she isn’t crazy anymore…


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