10 Food Trends to Watch

12 Jan

Like fashion, food has seasons. For every “it” color or hairstyle, there is an “it” fruit or cooking method. Does everyone remember when bottled water was all the rage? Or the acai or pomegranate crazes? Well last week the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a Top 10 List for food crazes that are on the rise. Some of them are pretty interesting…

1. FORAGED FOOD is the new organic produce

The local/organic food movement has held my attention for a few years now, and as much as I’d like to make that lifestyle adjustment, I haven’t been financially capable. So just when I’m ready to start making real money, the foodies go and change it on me! Now food found out in the wild is the new hott thing.

2. BITTERS are the new home brew

This takes the home-created cocktail one step further. Now your home-created cocktail is filled with homemade ingredients.

3. BACKYARD BEES are the new urban chickens

I would love to have both home raised chickens and a beehive someday. My retirement is going to be interesting. Lol.

4. BROWNED BUTTER is the new butter

First butter was king. Then margarine dethroned it. Then all the preservatives and mystery ingredients caused the more natural butter to reclaim its throne. Now the sexy spread is browned butter, butter that has been caramelized over medium heat. Browned butter imparts a delicate, nutty taste and pairs well with brown sugar, which is why it is all the rage for baked goods.

5.GRASS-FED BEEF is the new free-range chicken

This is nothing new. If you want a taste of some grass fed beef go to Sobleman’s Tall Grass on Farwell. Muy delicioso!!!

6. ARTISANAL HOT DOGS are the new panini

7. THE SCIENCE AND TRAVEL CHANNELS are the new Food Network

8. RECIPE APPS are the new cookbook

Duh. This was bound to happen in our increasingly mobile world. Recipes are particularly useful while you’re at the grocery store- no more forgetting ingredients!

9. HOME PRESERVES are the new home gardens

Another thing I’d eventually like to take up is home-canned foods. I’ve been eating homemade pickles my whole life and I’d love to try it myself!

10.GLUTEN-FREE is the new nut-free

I went through a period where my doctor thought I was allergic to gluten (turned out to be acid reflux) but anyways, I’m glad to see this is trending because almost all food has gluten in it. Now people with Celiac Disease will have options!!!


2 Responses to “10 Food Trends to Watch”

  1. Sam Klam January 12, 2011 at 6:38 PM #

    Nut-free should NOT go away just because gluten is becoming the popular one…

    • jenneemarie22 January 12, 2011 at 9:50 PM #

      oh jeez get over it my little peanut. nut free can never go away! then what would all the crazies like you eat??? hahahaha love you!

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