Happy Birthday to Me! 23 For 23!

10 Jan

Alright so technically my birthday isn’t for another 12 days (January 22!), but I wanted to post my birthday wish list now. I suppose one nice thing about a January birthday is that it bats clean up for all the presents Santa forgot to bring… K so here it goes, my 23 present possibilities for my 23rd birthday!!!

1. 500 Days of Summer on DVD

2. Red Honda CRV

3. Adobe Creative Suite 5 Software

4. My Blueberry Nights on DVD

5. Tickets to see Kenny Chesney at Lambeau Field in June

6. Clay Matthews or Greg Jennings Jersey Adult S

7. Christian Louboutin Tahiti Heels Size 7.5

8. Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

9. Ryan Braun Jersey Adult S

10. Romeo and Juliet on DVD

11. Michael Pollan Books: In Defense of Food and An Omnivores Dilemma

12. Shutter Island on DVD

13. Whip It on DVD

14. Inception on DVD

15. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

16. Gangs of New York on DVD

17. Smart Phone: Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 4

18. Headphones (Not earbuds, the ones that cover your whole ear)

19. A New Apron (The cuter the better. They have some for cheap at TJ Maxx)

20. Earmuffs

21. New Hot Rollers

22. A Cruise- Somewhere warm please!

23. Packers Win the Super Bowl


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