Teach Me How to Jelly

31 Dec

Working in the same office or home office or even classroom every day is unbelievably creatively stifling. One of my professors used to encourage us to get out of the classroom on work days and go to the library or to the campus bar, anywhere that would get our creative juices flowing better than the drab and lifeless classroom. It is with this in mind that I bring you Jelly.

Jelly is a bi-weekly work event where professionals gather at someone’s home or apartment or a coffee shop or really anywhere to work for the day. Working in a new casual environment results in new ideas and interesting conversations. The tradition started in New York City in 2006, and has since spread to cities and offices all over the world.

This new model has become incredibly popular among freelancers and entrepreneurs. These are individuals who are particularly starving for interaction and collaboration, but I don’t see why this idea can’t work for us regular cubicle drones as well. It seems like a great way to brainstorm and make real progress on difficult projects where you’ve hit some kind of block. Obviously this type of work day isn’t practical for frequent use, but every once in awhile it would be a nice change of pace.

Jellying has been covered on CNN, NPR and in Wired Magazine. And here’s their website for more info. Do any of you do something like this to break up the workday monotony?


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