Well This is It…

19 Dec

Today’s one of those big days in your life that you’ll tell your kids and grandkids about. Four and a half years, a couple papers, and lots of parties later I will finally be walking across that stage to become an alumni of UWM. Time to be a big girl!

I hope today is as happy and joyful as my high school graduation. I have three memories from my high school graduation that have really stuck with me: 1) The senior choir singing In My Life 2) jumping on the trampoline with Koz and Sam Klam 3) Managing to hold back the tears until I saw my best friend because at that moment I realized we would be separated for the first time since we were six. I have a feeling something similar will happen today- Brennan why do you do this to me!!!

I feel that there are really only two songs that are appropriate today. The first is the most obvious and awesome graduation song ever, and the second is the song mentioned above that was sung at my high school graduation:

To all that have helped me through the past four years as friends, classmates, co-workers, mentors, and supporters, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. I love you all and thank you!




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