Caffeinated Bliss: Perky Jerky

17 Dec

Spending the past week (no literally, I didn’t leave. I brought a change of clothes with me for work the next day) in the library has really made me appreciate all things caffeinated or energy boost related. Why can’t everything we ingest be caffeinated?

Well apparently, someone else agrees with me and created Perky Jerky, which is basically the product of a Red Bull doing the nasty with an actual bull. Here’s the product description from the Perky Jerky website:

Put simply, we’ve created the most tender and tasty beef jerky, flavored with Guarana to provide a jerky experience you won’t find anywhere else. All natural, no MSG, no preservatives, low carbs: Perky Jerky provides lasting satisfaction with no crash, no sugar rush, and no bloating. Just a great, portable and satisfying snack to boost you to the next level no matter what your pursuit.

Sign me up! All of that sounds amazing! And Guarana fruit contains twice the amount of caffeine as a coffee bean, despite their comparable size, which is awesome!

Now I couldn’t think of where I had heard of Guarana before; I just assumed that it was from one of the many energy boosters I’d tried over the years. Then I realized which blast from the past contained this magical extract: Bawls– an energy soda I hadn’t had in years! Now I have two things added to my grocery list!


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