My 150th Post

3 Dec

Since September 21st I’ve been furiously (as in enthusiastically, not angrily) blogging away and this is my 150th post! To celebrate I thought I’d post a little Mango Tree recap for my readers 🙂

Since 9/21/10:

I’ve published 150 posts

Those posts have received 44 comments

My blog has been viewed 1,809 times

for an average of 25 times per day

My busiest day was November 1st when 92 people viewed my blog


The Top Three Things I Write About Are:

1) Real Estate/ Interior Design

2) Movies and TV

3) Food (haha so typical)


My Top 5 Most Viewed Posts Are:

1) Milwaukee Film Fest 2010

2) Safe Sex According to Bristol Palin and the Situation

3) Democrats Keep Up With the Kardashians

4) 100 Reasons MKE Sucks

5) My Engagement Ring


So if you’ve been reading thank you so much! And know that your feedback is appreciated so thanks for the comments too!

Also here’s a shout out to my one and only subscriber- Miss Sam Klam. Much love sista gurl.

SHAMELESS PROMOTION TIME: If you’d like to join the ranks of the elite and proud Mango Tree subscribers just sign up over here in on the right and all posts will be sent directly to your inbox!——————————————->



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