Netflix Fanatic: District 9

1 Dec

Over the weekend, I watched District 9, the 2009 film directed by Neill Blomkamp and starring Sharlto Copley, a South African producer and director who went on to star in A-Team after his breakout performance in District 9.

District 9 was adapted from the short film Alive in Joburg, and was nominated for four academy awards (including best picture). The film begins and ends in the style of a documentary- following the story of Wikus van de Merwe. Wikus lives in South Africa, where an alien race has been living in what is essentially a concentration camp called District 9 for the past 20 years. It is his job to evict the aliens and move them to a newer more regulated camp to be called District 10 (can you smell a sequel on the horizon?). However, while in District 9, Wikus is infected by an alien substance and begins to transform into one of the creatures (called “prawns” in the film). Obviously he becomes an outcast in society and is deserted by his family and friends and hunted by his former employers. He befriends a prawn named Christopher and together they journey to reverse Wikus’ transformation and send Christopher back to his home planet. All does not go as planned, but I’m not about to spoil it.

You should see this movie, if you haven’t already. The CGI work is great, the storytelling is great, the acting is great. I honestly would see (and probably look forward to) a sequel. The story has a lot of potential and depth, and sci-fi as social commentary is an interesting concept for me (the film is a metaphor for the apartheid) . My Netflix Rating: 4 STARS

(fyi- 1 star I just wasted a couple hours of my life. 2 stars meh I didn’t really like it, but it was OK. 3 stars I liked it, but probably won’t see it again. 4 stars I liked it and would definitely see it again, 5 stars OMG I need it on DVD now)


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