Things I Plan to do When I Graduate Part 2

19 Nov

When I moved out of my parents’ house, I immediately loved having a kitchen of my own (and my roommates were fans most of the time as well). I love cooking! And baking! Especially from scratch…

Baked Tilapia with California Veggies over Wild Rice

The Famous Mexican Lasagna

So when I read this article in the Journal Sentinel about making your own kitchen staples from scratch I was so intrigued. The problem, as so many students who also have to work practically full time on top of classes can atest to, is that I have very little time to do these things. Between work and classes and homework and trying to maintain a social life, if I manage to get a spare moment, I’m probably catching up on sleep and not even thinking about making my own peanut butter.

Fortunately all of that can change in one month! Making fresh butter and peanut butter and granola sounds so interesting. And I’ll know exactly what goes in my creations! No additives or preservatives or extra mystery ingredients or over-processing!

Maintaining a local/organic diet and cooking for my family everyday is something I long for. It is the only way to fix the broken food system, however I’m just not financially able to make those decisions at this point… Hopefully that changes shortly after graduation as well 🙂

My attitude towards food was completely revolutionized by the Environmental Media class I took (JMC-ers look into it!) last spring. It added a number of books to my reading list… Which leads into next week’s segment of “Things I Plan to do When I Graduate”

But for now…



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