Democrats Keep Up With the Kardashians

18 Nov

A new study lists the Top 15 Television Shows watched by self-identifying Republicans and Democrats. At first glance, I was ready to conclude that Republicans watch dumb shows (Glenn Beck, Dancing With the Stars, Two and a Half Men) and Democrats watch smart shows (Mad Men, Dexter, Breaking Bad) . HOWEVER, when I read the full list I realized that the Democrats’ #4 favorite show is Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. REALLY?

What the hell guys? And 90210 too? Uhhhh… Well there goes my theory.

Also of note: Republicans uncharacteristically and surprisingly love Modern Family (a great show I wish I watched more) and the Gawker article I linked to referred to President Barack Obama as a secret lizard person ala the show V.

A second “also of note”: JERSEY SHORE DIDN’T APPEAR ANYWHERE!!! Thank god!!!

So here’s the list… Did your favorites make it? I also find it interesting that there isn’t a single show that made both lists… Is our television as polarized as our political system?


2 Responses to “Democrats Keep Up With the Kardashians”


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