Cool Cat Lady Science!

16 Nov

Four highly qualified engineers, who are most likely all women who are single thirty or forty somethings, have broken down the science behind how cats drink (nah just kidding, turns out they’re all dudes). Apparently cats are naturally physics geniuses.

Interesting things I learned today because I’m a burgeoning cat lady:

1) Cats lap water so fast that the human eye cannot follow what is happening (approximately 4 times per second)

2) Cats, like most adult carnivores, cannot fully close their mouths to create suction and therefore cannot drink as we humans do. Hence the development of more advanced drinking techniques.

3) The cat darts its tongue in the water and withdraws it so fast the a column of water shoots up into its mouth. According to the scientist people  “a cat’s lapping method depends on its instinctive ability to calculate the point at which gravitational force would overcome inertia and cause the water to fall.” Like I said- physics geniuses!!!

K I’m done being a nerd. Here’s my little genius yet again:

This picture is kind old though. She’s pretty big now 😦


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