MTV: Anything-But-Music TV

1 Nov

I just read this article that rips on what I agree is irresponsible programming on MTV. Idolizing 16 year old brats and pregnant teens is not the message we should be sending young ladies….

Why not replace “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” with shows about teens in this country doing something worthwhile with their lives? How about, ‘Super Sweet 16’ but only for teens that make honor roll and volunteer in their communities? How about “Sixteen and Not Pregnant: The stories of teen girls that want to become doctors, astronauts, teachers, and lawyers?” How about a show about young women, college students or grad students pursuing their dream of becoming chemists, software engineers or business owners?

The unfortunate truth is that shows about spoiled or irresponsible people make money (please see Jersey Shore), and MTV cares more about money than the messages it’s sending their vulnerable viewers. I watched MTV as a teen, and the most scandalous thing I saw was Britney Spears with a snake around here neck (and then she made out with Madonna). It’s a downward spiral that unfortunately won’t be stopping anytime soon…


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