Top Ten Favorite Halloween Songs

31 Oct

Halloween is a great holiday with some great music. Here are my favs:

#10 Devil in Disguise

There’s nothing like the king… And it’s also used in a cute commercial

#9 Magic Man

It’s the song that made everyone think that Heart was a band of witches! What’s more Halloweeny than that?

#8 Black Magic Woman

Carlos Santana is the man.

#7 Grim Grinning Ghosts

Everybody sing along!

#6 Werewolves in London

No Kid Rock did not come up with that beat you punks…

#5 Halloween Theme Song

I can’t even listen to the whole song when I’m alone in my apartment. I get too freaked out.

#4 Phantom of the Opera Theme

This made the list more so because I really love Phantom than because it’s a scary song…

#3 Superstition

Definitely haven’t gotten over my disco/funk fetish.

#2 Thriller

Cmon… like I could leave this one out

#1 Time Warp

I heard this song for the first time when I was about ten years old. It’s been my favorite ever since…

Honorable Mentions: Don’t Fear the Reaper, Witch Doctor, Ghostbusters, Bad Moon Rising

Most Hated Halloween Song: Monster Mash (way overplayed… can’t handle it)


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