Great Gatsby Movie

20 Oct

Yay! They’re making a new Gatsby movie! And Leo is going to play the Gat! This is great news because I love me some Leo DiCaprio (Titanic came out when I was ten, I’m cursed for life with a helpless Leo crush). And they’ve got Rebecca Hall to play Daisy… I like her, not sure about her as Daisy, but sure let’s give it a go!

And then, since Hollywood can never perfectly cast a great film, they brought in Toby Maguire to play Nick. Ewww really? Spiderman? I guess I’ll remain optimistic (I haven’t seen Brothers, but I heard he was good in that…) and wait for a trailer to make up my mind for sure… To make everyone feel better though I give you LEO-

Alright I’m done now….


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    […] love Leo. A Lot. I have previously blamed this on the fact Titanic came out when I was 10, and therefore have concluded that Leo love has just […]

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