92% of Toddlers Have Online Presence

8 Oct

Some research place surveyed 2,200 mothers and it turns out 92% of toddlers in the United States have some kind of online presence. The research says this can vary from a single photo uploaded and shared by their parents, to a full-fledged profile on a social networking site.

92%!!! Holy crap that’s a lot!!! But when you think about it, uploading baby pictures within hours of your child being born is the norm nowadays. It surprises us when there aren’t entire albums dedicated to a new bundle of joy within the first week of its life.

I would say think about what you’re posting. Do you really think Jr. is going to want his future employers to see his fresh-from-the-womb pictures in 20 years? Probably not… So try to have some discretion and keep your postpartum-excitement in check

Just updating my status... No biggie



2 Responses to “92% of Toddlers Have Online Presence”

  1. Evan Stiegert October 8, 2010 at 3:01 PM #

    idk if an employer is really going to care if there are new born pics up on face book especially when it we have in 20 years the employers of these kids are going to be the kids who were around when facebook got invented

    • jenneemarie22 October 8, 2010 at 3:49 PM #

      I’m not saying they won’t get hired. I’m saying they might be ridiculed… I know I have many baby pictures that I’m very eager to keep from the REPS office. Although you make a valid point- 20 years from now is privacy even going to matter? maybe it won’t even exist?

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