Major Updates to Facebook

7 Oct

I for one love the updates Facebook announced yesterday (major and much needed updates to the Group function and also a new data portability feature). I think these represent positive changes that Facebook users can get excited about, and new exciting changes are exactly what the FB needs after all the privacy backlash it’s been receiving…

The changes to Groups will revolutionize Facebook for many users. It basically allows you to create little Facebooks within your Facebook so that your Aunt Molly and prospective employers don’t have to read about your crazy weekend (or the FRAPAJAP you attended). This effectively turns Facebook into the Russian Nesting Dolls of social media…


In all seriousness though, I can easily imagine this feature being immensely convenient for working on group projects. Most of us are on Facebook 95% of our days (well maybe not… but close to it!) so it would be a very easy and collaborative way to communicate through a medium we already use. It also would be a great way to track and monitor progress. Honestly I’m most excited about the new Doc feature, which allows you to upload documents collectively write and edit notes with one another (personally I think being able to share actual documents would be more useful, but I guess this works too…). Docs will function like a wiki, and can be viewed and edited by all members of a group, and any group member may add or remove sections of the Doc. Lastly- you can chat with all of your group members at once… an update that is LONG overdue (aim had group chats for cripes sake…) K well here’s a video so you can see all this in action:

The other major change announced was the addition of a Data Portability feature. This allows you download all of the content and information you have added to Facebook. This means now you are able to download your photos, videos, wall posts, conversation threads and status updates. I imagine this being incredibly useful, particularly for photos…

So what do you guys think? Will you use these features? Or is this just adding more complicated layers to an ever-growing beast?


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